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the concord

The One and Only Location

A spectacular riverfront property at Eau Claire situated on a promontory, the one and only residential development with unparalleled location and destined to become a focal point for downtown Calgary.

Creation of a Masterpiece

arthur erickson

One of Canada’s most celebrated architects, Arthur Erickson’s work formed the initial design inspiration for The Concord.

With long-term colleague and business partner, Nick Milkovich, Erickson established the design path for The Concord to artfully complement its extraordinary downtown Calgary location.

Nick Milkovich

Outdoor Water Garden to Winter Wonderland

At the heart of The Concord is a central summer garden with water feature. During winter time, the central water feature becomes a private ice skating rink that reflects the changing of the seasons along the riverside.



State-of-the-art Underground Parkade

The Concord takes the importance of car care and cleaning into considerations. An automated undercarriage and tire wash is located near the entrance of the parkade along with a heated entrance ramp to keep the area slip-free. For those who prefer a speedier approach, a four-cycle touchless warm water car wash is also available at their disposal.

Engineered Beyond Compare

The Concord takes multiple measures and a comprehensive approach in designing for flood and emergency preparedness. From self-repairing foundation walls, to flood fortification strategy and back-up power systems, giving the peace of mind to every homeowner.